Priscilla’s Plants - one of Nashville’s most trusted plant services

Serving Middle Tennessee for more than 40 years, we built a reputation on quality service and competitive prices. If you’re looking for healthy plants selected specifically for your workplace, Priscilla’s Plants is the answer.

We take pride in improving the overall appearance, health and functionality of your work environment with beautiful, healthy and hand-selected plants.

Green Is Great

Not only do plants improve your environment’s aesthetics, findings from a NASA Research study reveal that plants can remove potentially harmful gases released from building materials, furniture and carpet, fumes from cleaning solvents, and ozone from copy machines.

Plants clean your environment, reduce your staff sick days, enhance productivity and impress you customers. There’s never been a better time to go green!

Priscilla’s Plants was established in 1980, specializing in tropical plant leasing and maintenance, including full interior design services. Our staff feature more than 100 years of combined horticulture experience.

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