Commercial Atrium Design

Here at Priscilla’s Plants, our team of highly skilled and experienced design specialists understand full well that designing the ideal atrium for your business is dependent upon finding the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Adding Beauty to Functional Atrium Designs

When determining the overall functionality of your business atrium, it is important to take into consideration soaring ceilings, natural lighting, glass and stone flooring, and the many vast windows or doors in your space. Atriums are typically designed to present with a light and airy feeling.

The skilled specialists here at Priscilla’s Plants use a wide range of materials and elements to enhance the beauty of an atrium. Wall panels, for instance, are available in a wide range of colors, shapes, and textures and can be designed to suit the personality of your atrium space. They can provide sound absorption if needed and offer a modern, stylish background for presentations and perhaps even guest speakers at your business. Our team can create adaptable designs that are customized to meet the specific functionality and needs of your space and is committed to designing a pleasant space that not only reflects the personality of your business but also meets with your individual needs and likes.

The Team You Can Trust

Here at Priscilla’s Plants our team of atrium design specialists prides themselves on meeting the needs of our clients by creating and designing commercial atrium designs that add to the functionality as well as the appeal of a business environment. Our design consultants are on hand to discuss your business, clients, and design needs. We are available to answer all your questions and to assist with all your important decision-making. If you are in search of a highly reputable commercial atrium design company, then surely the pros here at Priscilla’s Plants are the ideal team for you!

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